Monica Long Appointed President of Ripple, Despite Crypto Winter

• Monica Long has been appointed the new president of Ripple.
• Long joined Ripple in 2013 and has recently expanded her role from general manager of RippleX to general manager of the company as a whole.
• She believes that Ripple has weathered the crypto winter well and is continuing to see record growth despite it.

Monica Long has been appointed the new president of Ripple, the leading blockchain development company. Long has been with Ripple since 2013, serving as director of communications before taking on the role of general manager of RippleX, the blockchain development side of the business. Recently, Long expanded her role to become the general manager of Ripple as a whole, with responsibility for RippleNet, the company’s financial network.

The presidency of Ripple has been somewhat nebulous until now, with the title being ascribed to both co-founders Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen at various times. Long’s promotion to the presidency of Ripple comes at a good time for the company, as she noted that despite the crypto winter, Ripple has seen record growth in recent months.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Long said that her job as president of Ripple is to continue scaling the company and the team despite the crypto winter. She stated that despite the crypto winter, Ripple is continuing to grow their team and has seen record business and customer growth.

Long expressed her enthusiasm for the new opportunity, saying that over half her professional career has been in the crypto space and more importantly, at Ripple. She thanked Garlinghouse and Larsen for the opportunity to serve as president of Ripple.

Ripple has made great strides in the past few months with Long at the helm, and her appointment as president is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and expertise. With Long in the president’s seat, Ripple is sure to continue to grow and scale despite the crypto winter.

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