BitLQ Review: Security and Customer Service

The word “security” seems to be capitalized by the operators.

They have added an extra item “Security” in the menu, which is clearly visible.

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On the website, they state that the security of the funds is the highest priority and the security team will continue to improve the precautions.

On the platform there is not only SSL encryption, but also other security features:

  • All the security measures still can’t save investors from losses.
  • They only minimize the risk of losing money to hackers or fraudulent websites.
  • Another precaution is not to store your credentials in your browser or on your phone.

Instead, at most, store them on an encrypted USB stick. Even in case of loss or theft, the “new owners” cannot cause any damage to the account.

Compared to other exchanges, the BitLQ platform has higher security standards.

BitLQ Experience: Customer service

For many customers, the accessibility of the customer service seems to be very important.

In case of problems or difficulties, people often contact the support directly without doing their own research beforehand.

It is always advisable to search on portals for other users who may have had the same problem and can offer a solution.

A second place to start is the FAQs of a website.

Here you can often find helpful step-by-step instructions for the most common problems.

However, if none of the previously mentioned options brings the hoped-for success, one can of course contact the customer service.

BitLQ does not have a phone number and there are no times on the website when the support is active.

One only has the option to leave a message.

Moreover, it is made clear on the page that already registered users of the platform are given priority.

Of course, BitLQ is also present on social networks and one can send a message to the operators after registering on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Telegram. Users are not offered any other option.

The website is also only available in English, Russian and Chinese, which are extremely few languages for an Exchange. Most likely, the support is only available in one of the languages, but this was not tested in the BitLQ review.

BitLQ experience and user opinions

Before opening an account on a trading platform, one should first read through experience reports about the favored broker or exchange.

Here you can often find out what really happens and what problems can occur. One can already get a good picture of the offer without having seen the website beforehand.

The applications of BitLQ do not seem to be as well received as those of other exchanges.

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